Architectural Outline of MinatoMirai Grand Central Tower

  • Yokohama, and MinatoMirai Area
  • Architectural Outline of MinatoMirai Grand Central Tower
  • Overview of the Office floors
  • Access
  • Galleries

Shops and Amenities

About 20 shops and magnificent night views make an off-time more colorful and enjoyable.

The Galleria, a grass-roofed, all-weather indoor pedestrian space, houses a number of shops. Many offer food and beverage services designed for office workers. Accessible as part of the network for local pedestrians, the Galleria is a vibrant new location in Minato Mirai 21. At night, the skyscraper lights up to create a stunning nightscape. Superb amenities offer tenants a relaxing moment during working hours.

Building of night

A magnificent exterior look with LED and indirect lighting that change color and pattern.

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Stores on Grand Mall Park

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Prova Square

At the square, lights from the shops and the outdoor facilities create an exquisite twilight view.