Architectural Outline of MinatoMirai Grand Central Tower

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  • Architectural Outline of MinatoMirai Grand Central Tower
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Architectural Details

Building overview

Name Minatomirai Grand Central Tower
Location 4-6-2 (block 42) Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa
Access 2-minute walk from Minatomirai Station on the Minatomirai Line 11-minute walk from Yokohama Station
Main uses Offices, shops and parking
Site area 12,929.99m²(3,911.32tsubo)
Building area 7,737.85m²(2,340.69tsubo)
Total floor space 114,539.16m²(34,648.09tsubo)
Maximum height 123.60m
Floors 26 floors aboveground, 2 floors underground, 1 penthouse Offices (aboveground floors 3-25), shops (aboveground floors 1-2), parking (underground floor 1)
Structure Steel frame aboveground, steel frame reinforced concrete underground
Seismic resistance Vibration controlling features (oil dampers, unbounded braces, concrete-filled tube pillars)
Elevators 22 for offices (7 for low floors, 8 for middle floors, 7 for high floors), 3 for shops, 2 for service and emergencies
Parking capacity 450 vehicles (including 44 surface parking spaces)
Developer MM42 Development Special Purpose Company (Marubeni Corporation financing)
Design and management Tohata Architects & Engineers Tokyo Office
Construction Kajima Corporation Yokohama Branch
Completion October 2011

Overview of facilities

Power receiving and transformation equipment 22-kV spot network 3-line power reception
Emergency building power generation One 3,500-kVA gas turbine power generator (6,000V)
Emergency power generation for tenants Spaces for gas turbine power generators (two 1,000-kVA underground and eight 250-kVA on the roof)
Communications equipment Optical fiber cable and shared television reception equipment installed in tenant shafts on every floor
Information cable racks installed in the common shafts
Cable rack space available in tenant shafts
Parabolic antenna foundation available on roof
Air-conditioning supply method District heating and cooling system (cold water and steam provided via Minato Mirai 21 District Heating and Cooling, Co. Ltd.)
Sanitation facilities Hot water equipment:
storage-type electric hot water heaters installed at the restroom sinks and kitchenette corners of each floor
one men's, one women's and two multipurpose restrooms on each floor (warm-water washing toilet seats and hot-air towels are standard equipment)
Water supply and drainage for tenants:
water supply and drainage pipes prepared to allow the addition of small pantries and other facilities in each expected tenant area
Security Noncontact IC card readers installed at building perimeter exits and tenant entrances and exits; noncontact IC card readers installed inside elevators with floor access control restriction functions
Surveillance and management Disaster prevention center managed by staff on duty 24 hours per day
24-hour surveillance with ITV cameras
Disaster prevention equipment Fire extinguishing sprinklers and interior fire hydrants, coupled water pipes, foaming fire extinguishers, mechanical and natural smoke dispersal equipment, automatic fire alarm equipment and other equipment in accordance with legal regulations
Emergency helipad on the rooftop
Smoking corners One on each floor (circulating odor removal and smoke separation equipment installed)
Break corners One on each floor (non-smoking)