Architectural Outline of MinatoMirai Grand Central Tower

  • Yokohama, and MinatoMirai Area
  • Architectural Outline of MinatoMirai Grand Central Tower
  • Overview of the Office floors
  • Access
  • Galleries

The entrance hall

a vast space flooded with light and a height of more than 10 meters.


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  • オフィスエントランス

The office floors can be reached from the Entrance Promenade, an area surrounded by water and flowers, or from the all-weather indoor pedestrian space named Galleria.

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A sizable space with a vaulted ceiling height of over 10 meters, and ample light coming from the southeast.


The tower has a total of twenty two elevators to the offices. Seven are for the lower floors, eight are for the middle floors, and seven are for the upper floors. The elevators offer stress-free access to tenant spaces, as well as a security-linked, non-stop function.

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A relaxing space based on an earth color with a classy look.

Safe elevator systems which respond to new legislation

Elevator banks