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Disaster Control Disaster control measures to protect people and businesses in the event of disaster.

Power failure control measures

The Tower uses a spot network 3-line power reception system, which is a power receiving system with high supply reliability. The risk of total power failure is minimized in the event of even a serious accident. If there is a power outage, tenants are supplied with 15VA/m² of electric power from the emergency power generator.

Elevator systems which respond to the new legislation

Corresponding to the new legislation, the elevator control system prevents the elevator from starting to operate when the doors remain open. Under the system, minor initial tremors are detected and the elevator stops the nearest floor before a quake's shaking arrives.

Earthquake control measures

The Tower employs a vibration control system with oil dampers and unbounded braces at appropriate positions to absorb the vibrations of earthquakes and strong winds.

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The building is built on the solid ground.

Minato Mirai 21 a city with technologically advanced disaster control.

Utility Tunnels

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Key urban infrastructure such as electric power cables, water and gas utility pipes, and communication lines are housed in a common underground duct to minimize damage in the event of a disaster.

Emergency underground water tanks

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Emergency water tanks are undergrounded. these large water tanks connected to water pipes are capable of supplying drinking water for 500,000 people for three days.

Zone heating and cooling system

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A zone heating and cooling system under which a plant supplies energy to different facilities is used to reduce the risks of pollution and urban disasters.

Earthquake-resistant domestic berth

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The domestic cargo berth handles daily commodities for the residents.The quay is reinforced to withstand earthquakes so that it can transport supplies in the event of an earthquake or other emergency.