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TOPOverview of the Office floors | Reduce Environmental Footprint and Adopt Energy Saving Measures

Energy consumption of air conditioning around windows cut 12% with thermal load reduction technology.

Every business today is expected to reduce its environmental footprint and adopt energy saving measures. With the recent amendments to the Act on the Rational Use of Energy, the obligation to reduce carbon dioxide emissions is now stricter than ever. This is an issue not only for building owners but also for corporate tenants. The Minatomirai Grand Central Tower adopts energy-efficient and ecologically friendly equipment to help prevent global warming.

  • A year-long comparison assuming identical building orientation, identical floor space, and identical glass area in a case without a simple airflow system or outside louvers

Air conditioning zoning

Air conditioning operations for comfort and efficiency

A single floor is divided into 44 zones for variable air volume (VAV) systems. This enables air conditioning operations to be switched on and off as well as the fine-tuning of temperatures.

When the outdoor temperature is high with significant solar radiation

In summer, when solar radiation is high, motor-driven high-airtight blinds are shut and an ascending air current is generated to effectively discharge the heat that comes in from window panes.

  • The temperature values displayed represent the design values.

When the outdoor temperature is low with limited solar radiation

In winter, with low outdoor temperatures and low solar radiation, the cold drafts that strike window panes are sucked in through air discharge slits at the bottom of the panes to create a descending air current. This efficiently discharges the cold air that comes in from windows.

  • The temperature values displayed represent the design values.

Simple airflow system

A combination of low-E double glazing and high-airtight blinds minimizes air conditioning loss and keeps the indoor temperature at a comfortable level.

Daylight sensor

A daylight sensor is used to control the lighting equipment on the perimeter side of the offices on standard floors. Natural light is effectively used to minimize power consumption.

Automatic control blind

A sun-tracking direct solar radiation meter installed on the rooftop automatically controls the angle of the blind.

Low‐emissivity (Low-E) double glazing

Double glazing with a thermal barrier effect enhanced by a special metallic film is used to lower the cost of air conditioning.