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More Details

Floors with offices Aboveground floors 3-25 (23 floors)
Space on standard floors 3,600.56m²(1,089.16tsubo)
Rentable space on standard floors 2,721.25m²(823.17tsubo)
Standard module 3,600mm×3,600mm
Ceiling style 600mm square grid system ceiling
Lighting equipment Desktop illumination level of 750lx or more (with louver and initial automatic dimmer)
Ceiling height 2,800mm
Raised office floors for wiring 100mm high (covered with tile carpet)
Load capacity 500kg/m²(1,000kg/m² in heavy-duty zones)
Capacity of power outlets 75VA/m² including AC/GC 15VA/m²
Air-conditioning equipment Standard rental spaces have a total of 44zones/floor (28 interior zones and 16 perimeter zones)
that allow temperature adjustment
single duct variable airflow using dedicated air-conditioning equipment
single duct variable airflow using dedicated air-conditioning equipment and simple airflow systems
Air-conditioning and heating are driven simultaneously (interior zones and perimeter zones)
Room access control Noncontact IC card readers installed at each private tenant door