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TOPOverview of the Office floors | Office Equipment

Office equipment:

A workplace with ceiling height of 2,800 mm and cutting-edge features.

The state-of-the-art equipment provided as standard for office floors is designed to create a functional, comfortable, and safe working environment that encourages creativity. It provides comprehensive support for day-to-day and responds flexibly to evolving office needs. The building features a structural design that excels in earthquake and wind resistance, to ensure a high level of safety and amenity.

Effective ceiling height:2,800mm

A bright and roomy space, as the opening height of 2,800 mm is ensured.

Free access floor:100mm

Wiring flexibility is increased to enable easy layout changes.

Grid system ceiling

The integrated lighting panel is easy to move and enhances layout flexibility.

Load capacity:500kg/m²(1,000kg/m² in heavy-duty zones)

This enables a flexible arrangement of racks and cabinets.

Room access control with non contact IC card

Break comer's(in the common area)

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Private doors for tenants are equipped as standard with secure and convenient automatic locking systems.
Noncontact IC card readers are installed inside elevators with floor access control restriction functions.

Break corners (in the common area)

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On each floor, it is possible to provide a break corner (as a lounge space) and an independent smoking section.